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AMPLIFIER – you can still make your audio system sound better!

If you prefer to listen to loud music, if your room is big, if you need more power for bass, then you should think of adding an external amplifier!
The purpose of an amplifier is to make the input signal of all kinds of electronic devices stronger.
A, B, C, D, AB, H… all those amplifier classes can be divided into two main:
Simple and reliable "Analog" Amplifiers
They are quite large and heavy. Amongst, the AB class has a lot of advantages and is widely used for home audio systems. Many of the best home stereo amplifiers use this class.
Efficient and cost effective it can be used in a broad range of speakers. Besides, it lets producers box up multiple amplifier channels in a single unit.

Super-efficient "Digital" Amplifiers

Not really digital, some amplifiers use power supplies that are the switching type. Most car stereo amplifiers use a switching power supply having much smaller transformers and capacitors. Efficiency, small size, no heat or energy losses, as well as very low energy consumption makes Digital amplifiers almost ideal. But special care is required to make them reliable.
Amplifiers for home speakers use several different technologies to get their jobs done.
The best home stereo amplifiers combine a preamplifier with a power amplifier, and sometimes, a receiver. Its basic purpose is to work with the other components to produce a richer, more vibrant sound with no distortion. It contains less electronics that can cause interference and will give a cleaner sound.

Hybrid amplifier – best option to listen to all sorts of music!

Well-designed home tube amplifier is your best choice for classical music, vocal, opera, slow jazz, slow pop, real instruments and easy listening! It can have excellent sound, good depth and air of sound stage!
But choose a transistor type if you prefer rock, heavy metal, fast pop or dance music. Transistor amplifier offers you a tight and well controlled bass response, as well as fast attack dynamics.

In case you want a bit of everything, a hybrid amplifier is an all-in-one device. A well-designed hybrid amplifier, no matter separate or integrated, should have advantages of the both types. Look for a very sweet sounding, good air, and good warm sound stage with a rich tight bass.

The best stereo integrated amplifier will be a cost-effective way to obtain great sound and power!

The integrated amplifier is built into a receiver and thus saves space. It combines different components the same way the receiver does. Normally, the integrated amplifier has a multi-channel amplifier combined with a preamplifier. This allows the amplifier to select the controls of a specific device and control the tone of the device.

Adding a stereo integrated amplifier to your setup can yield some big improvements in stereo performance! Besides, even the best integrated amplifiers are relatively cheap, as you are getting both a preamplifier and a power amplifier in one unit instead of spending money for each separate unit.

“You get what you pay for!” is 100% true for amplifiers

Amplifier quality depends on how well designed the unit is, the quality of components used, the derating factors used for the parts, as well as the quality of craftsmanship used in construction. Trust the top reliable producers and either type of design will bring you only positive emotions.
But the main guidance when making your choice is - If you like what you hear, you’re buying the right amplifier!


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