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Audio Components 

Audio component system for the most demanding listeners!

Most people feel absolutely happy having a home theater in a box - HTIB. It is a go-to budget option for home audio. Good but not perfect. There is a great disparity between quality and price in such systems, while the audio component system pays for itself.

So which one: HTIB or audio component system?

An HTIB system usually includes a subwoofer, five or more speakers, A/V receiver and cables. Blu-ray™ or DVD player may be a part of the system as well. Together with your TV you are getting a complete home theater system and can enjoying surround sound. Most HTIBs are generally designed for movie playback. But they often fall short in accuracy when it comes to music.

A true audiophile should prefer separate components making it possible to choose better speakers and a more powerful receiver for better music reproduction.

Be in tune with the times!

Even if HTIB is all you need for now, think of the future. This system is typically not upgradable, so you will stuck with your system features and will have either to stay with it only dreaming of clear and accurate music or buy separate components, fix a new home theater system and get rid of your HTIB. 

So, if you are planning to upgrade or expand your system in a while, separate components are the only way to go. Preassembled HTIB system will not let you add any new technological innovations. Component system provides flexibility for connecting extra elements.

No matter if your tastes change or technology evolves, you can feel relaxed as you can add or change “building blocks” of your system any moment.

Cohesive audio component system with conformant elements!

Your system work will be smooth only in case you match all the elements correctly. Separate home audio components are more complicated to buy, the set up requires some knowledge and time, but for the pains you get a lot more flexibility and much better sound!

Choosing components separately, you are free to take the ones particularly fitting the needs of your home theater. You can take in account parameters of your room and tailor your system's power and capabilities to better suit a larger space, if necessary.

Building a home system from separate components may be time and sometimes money consuming, but the result you get is worth all the efforts and spendings!

Buy separate components if quality is your key requirement!


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