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Home Theater Speaker Systems 

Home theater speaker system – a single system to cover all your needs!

The number of speakers in a theater speaker system is growing. Even if your speakers are nice-looking, you still need space for all of them! Having a big room you can afford to use large speakers and enjoy loud and clear surround sound. Or you can go on with invisible in-wall option to economize some space. The resulting sound may be the same as good and even excellent if the placement is ideal.

Each type of theater speakers serves a different purpose. The front ones are used for stereo music playback; they provide front left and right sounds in a home-theater setup. A center-channel speaker delivers dialog. Rear speakers/surround speakers deliver rear ambient effects. A subwoofer reproduces the lowest frequencies.

Feel the absolute freedom without cables!

Today's solutions are not 100% wireless, but they still reduce the cable clutter through the use of wireless speakers systems! Wireless connectivity adds a level of convenience that’s missing from traditional wired home stereo and multi-channel systems. Besides, most brands offer their own specific mobile application that allows you to control the entire system from your smartphone or tablet.

Leading manufacturers created attractive and innovative solutions for home theater system with wireless speakers. Speakers supporting Bluetooth connectivity and AirPlay compatibility will play almost any Internet-based music source. You’ll also be able to stream your iTunes library from an AirPlay-equipped PC or Mac computer, iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Pandora, Spotify, hundreds of Internet Radio stations available now!

Bluetooth speakers do not require installations; you can start listening any moment! They add extra convenience operating with cell phones, iPhones, iPods, etc.

Wireless outdoor speakers systems offer greater flexibility and convenience to home theater owners having the only limit - range of the wireless signal.

Wireless surround sound speakers - great listening experience and freedom to place speakers anywhere you like!

In pursuit of perfect surround sound, systems started with just 4 speakers and jumped to 5.1, then 7.1, 9.1, and now 11.1! Even more speakers may become usual in the near future!

Home theater systems with wireless speakers may become a real magic wand that will save some space and your room design. 

The multi-room wireless audio system is in focus of the leading brands now, having so many units to be connected, it requires convenience. A handful of innovative and refreshing products have been presented in this area during the last years.

A fully integrated home theater system with wireless rear-speakers is a cheaper and more convenient option. These integrated solutions include an audio wireless set-up for the rear channel speakers.

Your home entertainment setup will benefit of installing the RCA 80 watt home theater speaker system. It is an excellent 5.1-channel surround sound system.  Compatible with DVD/CD players, iPods, gaming consoles, satellite/cable boxes, and most televisions it will give you the complete movie theater experience! Besides, it consumes just 80 Watts of power to operate.

The best thing about home theaters is that they can work with whatever you can afford. You can have an effective home theater with just a TV, an AV receiver, a Blu-ray player and a couple of speakers; or upgrade it and add accessories to maximize and protect your investment.

Aside from speakers, there are some essential components for a modern home theater. These are a TV or projector, a Blu-ray player, a router, surge protectors and cables. 

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