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Speaker Switches 

Get music throughout the house with a speaker switching system!

Speaker switcher box allows you to route a single audio source (or several in a more advanced models) through a switching system distributing your audio to various speakers or speaker pairs throughout the house!  It can handle up to 8 pairs of speakers or more. It is up to you to decide which areas to send the sound to.

Speaker selector switch box supports any type of speakers (free standing, in-wall, in-ceiling speakers).  It is usually a passive device intended to be used with already-amplified speaker-level signals. Besides it controls the overall speaker load not to overheat your amplifier or AV receiver.

The speaker selector system is a good choice if you're interested in background music.

Turn it on/off, up/down using speaker volume switch! Available in a variety of colors volume controls suit any application, are easy to use and can fit in any design of the room.

Good quality volume controls provide excellent frequency response and transfer maximum power. Top rated models are reliable; you will enjoy their ideal performance for a very long time!

Let your audio reach any area of your house at whatever level you desire!

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