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BEST HOME SUBWOOFERS - solid foundation for any home audio system!

Subwoofers are specialized speakers that produce the so called "bass" effects. They create a more complex audio experience for listeners and help to widen the range of frequencies that can be used to create sounds in video and audio. These speakers are widely used in audio systems, starting from home entertainment to cars.

Subwoofers with speakers are placed in specially designed enclosures of several types.
The enclosure can change the performance and output of a subwoofer. Two most common types, each with its own advantages, are:

  • bass reflex(adds a "tuned" port to increase and extend the bass response)
  • acoustic suspension(uses a sealed box to provide bass response)

Bass reflex subwoofers are more power-efficient, but take the other one if your main goal is tight and accurate bass.
Passive or powered subwoofer speakers? Depends on their usage.

Both having amplifiers, they create different value of bass.
The passive subwoofer has an external amplifier, while the powered one includes a speaker driver and amplifier in an enclosure. The powered subwoofer is more powerful and creates a stronger bass effect.

Only a great home theater subwoofer can provide accurate and powerful bass!

None home theater system is complete without at least one subwoofer. Besides, you can always add a second home theater subwoofer to fill in gaps with weak bass response. In almost all cases, your theater room will yield significantly better and smoother bass response in across a wider listening area if you install multiple subwoofers. Do it and every listener in your room will enjoy plenty of clean, accurate and deep bass!

How much bass do you need when driving?

The small 8” subwoofer speaker can fit anywhere in the vehicle. They are used to increase the dynamic range, boost the bass, achieve deeper bass, and improve the midrange and bass of the sound. Should you need additional bass add another small subwoofer!
Compact or ultra-compact subwoofers deliver great bass being almost hidden!

Some subwoofers are designed to be invisible. They can even become a part of some furniture pieces.
Best in-wall subwoofers will use the space behind your wall or ceiling to produce powerful bass without taking up any floor space. Many ultra-compact subwoofers can be hidden under an end table or in a corner.

We offer all sorts of subwoofers for you to feel the action of your favorite movie or experience the thrill of the beat of the latest hit song with our speaker subwoofers. Ensure a longer life for your satellite speakers employing one of our subwoofers capable to localize bass frequencies and reduce strain on your other speakers.

Leading producers mastered the art and science of subwoofer performance as well as the ways to make them more user-friendly and stylish. There is a range of useful accessories to protect your investment, customize your speaker installations and create a sense of vibration in your body!
Wireless connection between the home theater receiver or amplifier and the subwoofer will help you to achieve more design aesthetics as there will be no wire running. Remote controls will allow you to make necessary settings sinking in your armchair.

So… Are YOU passionate about great audio?


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