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Surge Protection / Conditioner 

Save money and time with the best surge protection and power back-up equipment!

Surge protective devices dissipate any excess power and prevent it from reaching your connected devices. Electronic equipment is designed to operate within a certain power range and too much voltage can destroy it. Surges (a high-amplitude, short-duration electrical fluctuations) can be caused by lightning, utility switching, load switching and internal events that can make harm to electrical, electromechanical, and electronic equipment.

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The power surges are not a big deal even for cheap power strips, but they are useless against drops in line voltage, brownouts, blackouts, and other power supply issues. UPS or battery backup surge protector will protect your hardware (computers, telecommunication equipment, data centers, etc.) from an unexpected power disruption.

They are the perfect choice to protect your data and keep you connected!

A surge suppression device prevents the peak AC voltage from going above a certain threshold but will not protect against lightning-induced transients. All susceptible hardware should be plugged into the suppressor box. When the equipment is not in use the suppressor's main power cord is to be unplugged. These are basic means for those living in a thunderstorm-prone area.

Lightning surge protection devices limit the rise in voltage when lightning hits communications, power line or strikes in the vicinity. If protection fails or is absent, lightning can cause severe damage to transformers and other electrical or electronic devices.
Take care of your equipment and great enjoyment in their performance!

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